Use MoneyGram® ExpressPayment®
service to deposit cash at approximately
47,000 MoneyGram agent locations
nationwide including Walmart,
CVS/pharmacy and many more.


Here's how to use MoneyGram®

  1. Go to a MoneyGram® retail location and pick up the red MoneyGram®
    To find a location near you, Click Here.
  2. When prompted select "Pay a Bill" and enter your phone number.
  3. You will be transfered to a MoneyGram® agent. Please provide your personal details ( name, address, phone number, wagering account number etc.) along with the Receive Code/ID ( Name:   |   Receive Code/ID for 12999 )
  4. Go to the cashier at MoneyGram® location and give her the cash for the deposit amount plus the MoneyGram® fees. The fee varies by merchant but is $3.95 or less.
  5. Get a receipt and MoneyGram® reference number from the cashier.
  6. Log on to your wagering account and you should see the added funds and your new balance.


When you go to deposit cash to a MoneyGram® location remember to take: Receive Code/ID: 12999
Your wagering account #
Cash you want to deposit + $3.95 fees